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Иностранная пресса

30 Ноября 2007
Kyron Press Reviews

A Quick Upgrade Pays Dividends.

SsangYong have listened to customer feedback and implemented tweaks here and there for the better such as a completely redesigned tailgate with a bigger glass area anda prettier nose.

It is more conventional yet still different enough to stand out from a multiplying SUV crowd.

Taken through city congestion, out on the freeway and along a rutted and corrugated dirt track, the upgraded Euro IV Kyron, as SsangYong have branded it, made a statement.

Clearance is competant at both approach, ramp over and departure pointns and there is some sturdy construction under body.
Source Courier Mail (Brisbane, QLD),
September 29th 2007.

Yong On Song.

Kyron is a two-model turbo diesel range with either an M200CDi running a 2.0-litre four cylinder or the M270XDi sporting a 2.7-litre five-cylinder. Both use Mercedes engine blocks and cylinder heads.

Kyron's previously fussy styling has also been substantially cliened up with neater lines and more cohesive lights.

With a $2000 price drop, the entry-level manual 2.0-litre diesel starts at $32,990 and goes up to $39,990 for the 2.7-litre auto.

Automatic adds $3000 and includes cruise control. On manuals cruise control is a dealer fit option.

As the name suggests, a key feature of new Kyron is its Euro IV-compliant engine with revised mapping and exhaust gas recirculation.

Seen from within as Korea's prestige brand, the SsangYong Kyron is well equipped and offers an alternative to the more recognised brands.
Source Dean Evans, Hills Shire Times (NSW),
October 2nd 2007.
Kyron Adds Appeal.

SsangYong has given its mid-range Kyron 4WD a facelift, a revamped interior and improved engines. But the best news of all are significant drops in retail prices ranging from $2000 to $3000.

This makes the South Korean 4WD exceptional value for money, even in today's ultra-competitive Australian marketplace, because it's about half a size up on many of its competitors, most of which are from Japan.

Kyron is unusual in its class in being a true off-road 4WD, with a ladder-frame chassis and a two-speed transfer case.

Indeed at a steady 100kmh this is one of the quietest vehicles of all and makes an excellent country tourer. We like the general handling of the Kyron. The steering has a nice feel and road grip is good even at above average cornering speeds.
Source Ewan Kennedy, Advocate (WA),
September 19th 2007.




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